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  1. Pro software and tools for staircase design
  2. Training videos, project templates and eBooks
  3. A clear pathway from design to install
  4. Stair design services and expert support

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StairDesigner, our professional staircase design software, is incredibly powerful, but very easy to use. It is able to calculate and design any stair no matter how complex in seconds.

Used by 1000s of successful companies around the world. With Wood Designer Membership, you don't even have to buy it! Sign up for FREE and get started today.

Ideal for all stair design and build projects. From simple straight flights to complex curved stairs. With StairDesigner you can calculate and draw all your stairs.

The free version of our software is fully functional except for the manufacturing output. To get this you can either buy the full version, or sign up for Full membership and get everything you need without having to buy. Great for amateurs, start up businesses or manufacturers that want to try things out before buying.

If you want to use one of our Approved Suppliers to cut your parts or complete the build, Free membership is all you'll ever need. Perfect for designers and smaller woodwork businesses that plan to outsource some or all of the manufacturing.

We offer a lot more than just software...project templates to speed up the design process, video tutorials, ongoing expert support, eBooks, software discounts, a community forum and much more.

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StairDesigner Stair Software

Easy to use and powerful. A truly professional staircase design and manufacturing tool.

Design & Manufacturing Services

Training and consulting. Manufacturing document output. For professionals and amateurs.

Training Resources

Including 100s of software and workshop tutorials, expert support, ebooks and stair models.