Another Curved Stair Project


Here’s an email from Laurence a cabinet maker based in the south west of France.

He has just made his first stair with a curved central cut string using my horizontal laminated techniques.
He has given a original effect by leaving the laminates visible without an exterior veneer.



Bonjour M. Tillson

Une petite photo pour vous montrer le premier escalier à crémaillère centrale que j’aie réalisé de ma vie, et ce grâce à la version démo de votre logiciel Stairmaster. Votre site m’a beaucoup aidée et est une source d’inspiration formidable : merci de tout partager si généreusement !
Bien cordialement

Laurence Lamouroux
Ebénisterie Lamouroux
09500 Mirepoix


Hello Mr Tillson,
Just a little photo to show you my first stair with a central cut string that I have made thanks to your demo version of StairDesigner.
Your site has been a really helpful and inspiring. Thanks again for sharing so generously all this information.

Regards, Laurence.


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