How to build a spiral staircase using StairDesigner

When you don’t have a lot of space to fit a stair, it’s useful to consider the option of installing a spiral stair. This article and video will show you how to build a spiral staircase using StairDesigner, our pro level design and manufacturing software. We’ve also got a way for you to use this […]

How to Build a Staircase Between 2 Walls

One of the most important aspects of building a staircase that must be thought out in detail before you start is how are you going to install it. Staircases when assembled are big items and although it can be easy to build a staircase and assemble it in an open space like a workshop, when […]

Optimising Stairs and Stair Wells with StairDesigner software

When renovating an old house one often finds that it’s necessary to fit a stair into and existing stair well or adapt a stair well to fit a more practical stair. As a specialised stair builder I’m often asked to build stairs in tight situations. Often the existing stair is too steep and dangerous or […]

Build your own Stair

History of a Stair by François Briant I have a very old house in Brittany with an attic that we could only get to with a very steep ladder! For a long time I’ve been thinking of building a stair to replace the ladder. I love wood working and although no expert in carpentry I was […]

Replacing vertical spindles with railing in StairDesigner

This short article shows how to replace vertical spindles or balusters with railing. Since Version 6 StairDesigner allows you to replace the vertical spindles with railing. This is just a display feature, and you cannot define the actual diameter of the rails. So be careful not to have your rails too long between supporting posts […]

Modern curved stair in elm built using horizontal laminates.

I often use horizontal laminates for building central cut strings. As these parts have to  support the whole weight of the stair, they have to have a large depth and thickness. Horizontal laminates enables me to make these parts easily while also saving time to produce a part that is exceptionally ridge and strong. Here […]

How to calculate and design a stair using free software

If you want to build a stair on a very tight budget but have some free time, you will certainly find this article interesting. With the free version of StairDesigner, you can easily calculate and design your stair and get instant 3D images, but you can’t print the plans and working documents to build it. […]

Temporary stair built with free Stairdesigner

A few months ago Michel asked me to help him build a temporary stair to access the upper floor of his house while he was doing the renovation work. Using  the free demo version of StairDesigner to calculate the stair, Michel then used screen capture software to transfer images into Revit Architecture the Autodesk architectural […]

Amateur builds first time stair with winders

Here’s a beautiful first time stair hand made by Bernard of Chalon in France. Bernard has used StairDesigner with my StairFile service to design the stair. With StairDesigners  DXF plans and a little coaching,   Bernard has managed to build a beautiful stair that’s far from being a simple basic design. Note that because he wasn’t […]

Carving a Wreathed Hand Rail on a CNC with Rotary Axis

One of the dying crafts that the modern world is slowly pushing to extinction is the  craft of building curved hand rails. Once considered one of the highest achievements of a professional joiner and stair builder the craft is actually practically forgotten. This is in large part due to the  modern-day  equation that time is […]