How to Build a Staircase Between 2 Walls

One of the most important aspects of building a staircase that must be thought out in detail before you start is how are you going to install it. Staircases when assembled are big items and although it can be easy to build a staircase and assemble it in an open space like a workshop, when […]

How to calculate and design a stair using free software

If you want to build a stair on a very tight budget but have some free time, you will certainly find this article interesting. With the free version of StairDesigner, you can easily calculate and design your stair and get instant 3D images, but you can’t print the plans and working documents to build it. […]

Carving a Wreathed Hand Rail on a CNC with Rotary Axis

One of the dying crafts that the modern world is slowly pushing to extinction is the  craft of building curved hand rails. Once considered one of the highest achievements of a professional joiner and stair builder the craft is actually practically forgotten. This is in large part due to the  modern-day  equation that time is […]

Boxed string in 3 parts

At times it’s impossible to assemble a stair and raise or lower it into the stair well. When the stair strings are boxed and the steps and risers recessed into the string this means that the stair has to be assembled in the stair well part by part. To make this easier I make at […]

Traditional Wreathed Stair Using High and Low Tech

I have already published a few photos of the stairs made by Rick and Andy Suckely. Rick has recently sent me the photos of the finished stair so I thought I’d write a quick summary of the project to show how they build a high end bespoke stair using horizontal laminates, traditional tangent hand railing […]

Designing a Straight Central Cut Stringer

Continuous Curved central cut strings give a very elegant design for modern stairs, but the curved stringer and handrails can be long and expensive to manufacture. A compromise is to make the string and rail in straight sections bolted together . The handrail is assembled around newel posts and there’s no need for wreathed sections. […]

Cut String Construction with Add On Supports

Here are a few photos of how to build central cut strings with add on step supports. Thanks to Pascal for these photos. For more information of building cut strings: —————————— Email from Pascal: Thanks for your help and advice . Since I started my company three years ago , your techniques and advice […]

How to Make a Wooden Handrail on Metal Rail :1st part

Sometimes you have to make a wooden hand rail to fit a metal or cement stair with an existing metallic railing. If you are building a hand rail for a modern metallic stair the shapes are usually geometrically true and the easiest way to go is use the tangent system and twisted laminates. You can […]

Installing a curved stair and handrail

As with all carpentry projects that have to fit into an existing building, installing a stair is the last and final test of the carpenter’s craft. This is the crucial moment that tells if the project is a success or failure, both aesthetically and technically. I know for myself that installation is the most stressful […]

Farm house stair building

Following last weeks article on curved strings and handrail here’s a short example of a wreathed string built with laminates, that I’m actually building in the workshop. This stair is being built for an old farm house in the French Alpes in the Vercours region, not far from where I live. You can see this […]