Design a Helitical Stair with StairDesigner and ProgeCad

I often receive emails asking how to design continuous curved stairs in StairDesigner . This week Alain Marin of has asked me how to set up a helical stair with a continuously curved string in StairDesigner. The fantastic geometrical motor that runs StairDesigner is very good at calculating complex stairs, but the difficulty arises […]

How to use StairDesigner and ProgeCad for Tangent Handrailing

One of the most difficult parts of stair building is building a solid continuous curved hand rail, and the most tricky question is often how to design the rail and mark it up. I know, and have used 2 methods of marking up a solid hand rail. These methods traditionally need one to draw up […]

How to build a 3D handrail in ProgeCad

It’s a cold winter’s day here in Grenoble and I’m sitting cosy here in my office. As a professional carpenter and stair builder but I spend maybe more time here than in my workshop. When I started my small workshop back in the 80’s all of our work was done by hand. Computers were expensive […]

Enhancing StairDesigner models with ProgeCad

Here’s the third video in my using Progecad with StairDesigner series. StairDesigner does a very good job of calculating and technically drawing the stair and you get all parts and working documents automatically. But it falls short when it comes to specific design features like turned newel posts, spindles, moulded handrails etc. Luckly all StairDesigner […]

Build a Stair with Free Software

Here’s an email sent to me by Serge from France. Serge is a subscriber to my email list and has no previous experience in stair building. Serge has built himself a stair using only the free software and resources available on this web site. I was very impressed by the way Serge undertook his project. […]

How to Design Curved Strings and Handrails using StairDesigner and Progecad 3D

Some people have been asking me how to build solid curved parts using StairDesigner. To answer I have made a short video that shows how to use StairDesigner DXF files and a 3D solid modeller in Progecad or Autocad to get the block size and face moulds needed to mark out a curved handrail or […]

How to build a 3D stair project with STAIRDESIGNER and PROGECAD

This is a short video to show how I use the StairDesigner DXF export functions to use Progecad or Autocad to build a complete 3D project with the rendering tools supplied in Progecad 2010/11. Now most people will not require 3D modelling and rendering 3D to get their stair built. For general stair building, StairDesigner […]

Using AutoCad with a stair calculator

  Stair caculator software and AutoCAD StairDesigner can calculate and build and draw stairs very fast and efficiently but as with all parametric software whether it is stair software or not, it doesn’t cope with all the intricacy and complexity of real world situations. I find that once StairDesigner has drawn up the general stair […]