Optimising Stairs and Stair Wells with StairDesigner software

When renovating an old house one often finds that it’s necessary to fit a stair into and existing stair well or adapt a stair well to fit a more practical stair.

As a specialised stair builder I’m often asked to build stairs in tight situations.

Often the existing stair is too steep and dangerous or there’s very little room to set up a stair that fits building regulations.

Lots of people down load the free version of StairDesigner to help calculate a stair for tight situation.

The good news is that the free version has some very neat tools for calculating the best fit  stair for your house.

So whether you are a home builder, a professional carpenter or an architect looking to calculate a tight fitting stair or the bast stair well size, you will find StairDesigner a great tool that you can use for free!

Here’s a short video to show how to use StairDesigner to optimise a stair and it’s stair well:


For more information on Stair Designer click the link below to review my StairDesigner presentation page :


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Happy wood working to all!


  1. Hi
    I’m live in Hillcrest KZN South Africa . Your mail is appreciated , I will send you photos of how my work has improved due to you .
    Due the demand I’m ready to automate . Would you be so kind to send me the info .
    Kind regards

  2. Hello JayJay,
    Thanks for you comment.
    If you want to buy a full version of StairDeisgner just go to the StairDesigner Presentation page here:

    and use the exc.VAT PayPal button.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    All the best,