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  • StairFile Service

    Build Your Stairs with the Free Version of StairDesigner

    If you don’t want to buy StairDesigner but still want all the workshop plans and DXF output to build your stair, try our StairFile service.

If you only make stairs occasionally, or would like to try StairDesigner workshop documents and DXF output before buying, you can use our StairFile Service.

Just for the price of a Premium Support subscription we send you a full workshop document and all the DXF files, and support your through the design and build if you need it.

The StairFile service is free and exclusive to Premium Support subscribers

The StairtFile service includes:

  • Sending you all the manufacturing documents in DXF and PDF files

  • Personal help and advice as you build your stair

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  • StairPlan Service

    We will design your stair for you, no need to use any software at all

If you don’t want to design your stair but still want workshop plans and DXF output, try our StairPlan service.

Send us your stairwell sizes and specifications and we’ll draft up your stairs and send you the working documents.

For a very affordable price, we will send you a full workshop document and all the DXF files.

A comprehensive analysis of your project by one of our professional stair designers, plus support and advice exactly when you need it

Optional extra: we can cut and machine your parts for you as well, contact us for details

Our StairPlan service includes:

  • Working with a professional designer on your project, up to 8 hours in total

  • Complete personalized study of your stair and associated parts : landing, integrated cupboards etc

  • Working drawings in DXF, DWG and PDF formats

  • Personal help and advice as you build your project

It's easy to order your StairPlan

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  • Florin Stoica

    Reply Reply May 30, 2014

    We are planning to expand our Bussines and we will open a joinery workshop.
    I would like to buy a cnc machine and use your soft for it. We have two round stairs to manufacture by the end of Aaugust and we need to move fast.
    Could you please advise on what type/make of cnc machine are you using for manufacturing the round stairs?

    I’ve been impressed with your ideas and professionalism

    Let me know if you can help us.



    • admin

      Reply Reply June 4, 2014

      Hello Florin,

      Thanks for you comment on our blog site.

      Your question needs some more information for me to answer correctly.
      The type of machine you need will depend on a number of factors:
      – the type (s) of stair(s) and stair construction you will be building
      – the number of stairs per month you’ll be building
      – the other jobs that the CNC will be asked to do
      – the amount of money you are thinking of investing
      These other questions will also help me advise you in your decision:
      – how many people work in the shop?
      – what other machines do you have or will have?
      – how do you actually manufacture stairs?

      We have helped people build curved stairs using very basic 3 axis CNC at initial investments of 20 to 30K
      see this article:

      whereas we have set up more industrial plants with 4 or 5 axis costing 200k.
      This article shows a 4 axis used for wreathed handrail work:

      but if you need to make these parts often you might need a 5th axis.

      It all depends on who you are and what you need in terms of work and production.

      If you would like to talk over the phone or skype call:
      33 476896607 or skype ness.tillson.
      I can also call you, i you send me your skype name and a convenient time to call.

      All the best,

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