Modern curved stair in elm built using horizontal laminates.

I often use horizontal laminates for building central cut strings. As these parts have to  support the whole weight of the stair, they have to have a large depth and thickness. Horizontal laminates enables me to make these parts easily while also saving time to produce a part that is exceptionally ridge and strong. Here […]

Carving a Wreathed Hand Rail on a CNC with Rotary Axis

One of the dying crafts that the modern world is slowly pushing to extinction is the  craft of building curved hand rails. Once considered one of the highest achievements of a professional joiner and stair builder the craft is actually practically forgotten. This is in large part due to the  modern-day  equation that time is […]

How to draw horizontal laminates to build a curved stair

More and more people both professionals and amateurs are taking up the challenge of building a curved stair using my horizontal laminate technique. Some of the results are really fantastic and have left me breathless as these exceptional craftsmen have added their personal touch to improve and develop this technique. Here are just a couple […]

Another Curved Stair Project

  Here’s an email from Laurence a cabinet maker based in the south west of France. He has just made his first stair with a curved central cut string using my horizontal laminated techniques. He has given a original effect by leaving the laminates visible without an exterior veneer. Bonjour M. Tillson Une petite photo […]

Modern techniques for making curved handrails : Over view

Real life situations are usually too diverse to fit all in one box. And Stair building is certainly on of the more complex and diverse branches of woodworking. Like most professionals, to make life easier, I have developed over the years my own methods of tackling different problems. One of the more complex and challenging […]

How to make a curved laminated string

When a string is less than 60mm thick it becomes difficult to make it using horizontal laminates because the outer face veneers tend to pull it out of shape when being glued up. For this reason for these stringers I use a more traditional laminate technique where I clamp the laminates to a form. This […]

How to Make a Wooden Handrail on Metal Rail : part 2

Here’s the second article on building irregularly curved handrails on metallic rails. Theses articles explain how to make a wreathed handrail in walnut that follows a pre-existing metallic rail. Before reading you might like to read the first article here: Once the basic handrail’s curved forms are made I usually adjust them onto metallic […]

Curved Stairs : Using Horizontal Laminates

To answer several requests for information on building curved strings using horizontal laminates, I have posted some photos taken in my workshop while I was making  helical central cut string stairs. These photos are taken randomly along the construction process and show how the laminates are machined up, glued and veneered. This first  stair was […]