Another Curved Stair Project

  Here’s an email from Laurence a cabinet maker based in the south west of France. He has just made his first stair with a curved central cut string using my horizontal laminated techniques. He has given a original effect by leaving the laminates visible without an exterior veneer. Bonjour M. Tillson Une petite photo […]

Designing a Straight Central Cut Stringer

Continuous Curved central cut strings give a very elegant design for modern stairs, but the curved stringer and handrails can be long and expensive to manufacture. A compromise is to make the string and rail in straight sections bolted together . The handrail is assembled around newel posts and there’s no need for wreathed sections. […]

Cut String Construction with Add On Supports

Here are a few photos of how to build central cut strings with add on step supports. Thanks to Pascal for these photos. For more information of building cut strings: —————————— Email from Pascal: Thanks for your help and advice . Since I started my company three years ago , your techniques and advice […]